Top Richest Pastor In Nigeria

When thinking of rich people, we direct our thoughts and attention to

politicians, businessmen and even footballers but one amazing fact is that

pastors are also included in these categories of rich people. These men

called pastors are seen as men of God who perform many miracles. These

days, millions of soul ar desperate for miracles, healings and financial

breakthroughs. In the bible, it is stated that salvation is free but at times it

comes with a cost because of these pastors who collect offerings and

tithes. They usually collect gifts to spiritual leaders and directive to buy

their books and products created by them. These pastors are not seen to

be catering for the spiritual welfare of its members, they are pursued by

their lust and greed for money which has made some of them to acquired

numerous assets for themselves. Some pastors are seen to have gotten

a part-time job which creates additional income for them thereby increasing

their net worth. In this article, we will concentrate on the Top ten richest

pastor in Nigeria, their net worth and assets acquired.


  1. Bishop David Oyedepo

Bishop oyedepo

  • Date of birth: September 27, 1954
  • Church-owned: Living Faith World Outreach ministry aka Winners chapel
  • Year founded: 1981
  • Networth:$150million

David oyedepo who is the founder of living Faith World Outreach Ministry

aka winnners chapel is seen as the richest pastor in Nigeria with an

estimated networth of $150million. Living faith world outreach ministry

which was founded in 1981 has now grown to become one of Africas

largest church. This man has a possession of four private jets and homes

in london and united states which cost millions of naira. He also owns

Dominion Publishing House a publishing company that publishes all his

books. The convenant university one of Nigerias best tertiary institution

was founded by him. He is a Nigeria pastor, author, businessman and an

architect. His personal collection of aircraft includes a Bombardier

Challenger Aircraft and two Gulfstream planes. He owns Fleet of very

luxurious cars including Mercedes Benz and BMW.


  1. Chris Oyakhilome


  • Date of Birth:7th December 1963
  • Church Owned: Believers’ Love world ministries aka Christ Embassy
  • Year founded:1987
  • Net Worth:$50million

Chris Oyakhilome who is the founder of Believers’ love world ministries aka

Christ Embassy is seen as the second richest pastor in Nigeria with an

estimated net worth of $50million. He was charged with a $35 million

money laundering case in which he was accused of stealing funds from his

church to foreign banks. He pleaded not guilty and the case was eventually

closed. He has over 40000 members in which several of them are

successful business executives and politicians. He owns several businesses

and investment which include satellite tv, hotels and even an extensive real

estate worth millions. He is known for the ability to heal different kinds of

diseases and illnesses. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome owns a private jet,

widespread real estate across Nigeria and about 30 SUVs which include a

powerful range rover.


  1. Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye


  • Date of Birth: 2nd March 1942
  • Church Owned:General Overseer of The Redeemed Christian Church of God(Rccg)
  • Year founded:1952 by Pa Josiah Akindayomi
  • Net Worth:$39m

Enoch Adeboye is ranked the third richest pastor in Nigeria. He wore born

in the year 1942 in ofewara, Osun state. He is the General overseer of The

Redeemed Christian Church Of God(Rccg) with a large congregations

worldwide. The church is seen to have many branches in over 192 nations

internationally with more than 1400 branches in Nigeria. He has been

criticized for failed prophecies. He has a net worth of over $39m. Pastor

Enoch Adeboye is seen to have a G550 luxurious jet worth $65 million. He

drives a bulletproof rolls-Royce phantom and land discovery and a

Mercedes Benz Gelandewagen. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in

mathematics in 1967. In2010, the church said they want Rccg to be five

minutes of walking distance. He has been as Nigeria Third richest pastor.


  1. Prophet Temitope Babatunde Joshua


  • Date of Birth:June 12, 1963
  • Church Owned: Synagogue Church Of All Nations(SCOAN)
  • Year founded:1987
  • Net Worth:$25m

Temitope Joshua ranked as the fourth richest pastor with an estimated

net worth of $25m is Nigeria most Controversial clergyman. He is the

founder of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations(SCOAN). T.B Joshua

founded this church in 1987 which accommodates over 15000 worshipers on

Sundays. He has seen to be able to heal sorts of incurable diseases

including H.I.V/A.I.D.S, cancer and paralysis. He owns Emmanuel Tv, a

Christian Television Network and is a close friend with Ghanian

President-Atta Mills. The church has given in its operations into several

countries of the world including Ghana, South Africa, Israel, Greece and

the united kingdom. T.B Joshua has millions of followers on his youtube

channel and one of the most influential Christian Tv channels in

Africa- Emmanual Tv. He has also received several awards over the last

decades which include an officer of the order of federal Republic(O.F.R) by

the Nigerian Government in 2008 and being voted the Yoruba man of the

decade by Pan- Yoruba media outlet orohin-odua.


5 .Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo


  • Date of Birth:17th March 1952
  • Church Owned: Kingsway International Christian centre(K.I.C.C)
  • Year founded:1992
  • Net Worth:$20m

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo who is the lead pastor of the Kingsway

International centre(K.I.C.C). He is ranked the fifth richest pastor in

Nigeria. His parents were Muslims so he practised its customs but age 20

he became converted. He is seen to get his wealth from private

investments, gifts and donations from his congregation Plus a $250,000

salary. He owns Several big and luxurious cars which include porche

cayenne jeep, Bullet-proof hummer jeep, Range Rover vogue sport and

many other luxurious cars. He is also the owner of the winning ways



6.Pastor Chris Okotie


  • Date of Birth:16th June 1958
  • Church Owned: Household Of God Church International Ministries
  • Year founded:1987
  • Net Worth:$12m

Pastor Chris Okotie was a popular pop singer in 1980s but later decided to

leave his career as a singer and become a pastor which instituted him to

discover the Household Of God Church International Ministries. He makes

millions from selling books to his members. He has an estimated net worth

of $12m. Some of his expensive and luxurious assets are cars which

include Hummers, Range Rover Limousine, Range Rover sports, BMW X

Series, Mercedes Benz and a rolls Royce phantom that he gifted himself for

his 30th birthday. He has once contested and lost the Nigerian presidential



  1. Pastor Gbenga Oso

Pastor Gbenga Oso

  • Date of Birth: September 27, 1954
  • Church Owned: The Laughter Foundation Church
  • Year founded:1997
  • Net Worth:$3.5m

Pastor Gbenga Oso with an estimated net worth of over $3.5m is seen as

the seventh richest pastor in Nigeria. He started his Minstry with Gospel

Faith Mision International before founding The Laughter Foundation

Church. He is known as the father of millions babies because he claims he

has helped millions of couple who are infertile to conceive and give birth to

children through his miracles. The Pastor said that in 1997, God

specifically told him that he was to start a ministry in which he will focus

on childbearing matters. He has also given many testimonies of couples

who were unable to conceive but after coming to his church they were

able to give birth to children. He owns many luxurious cars and assets.


8.Bishop Adodele Oritsjafor


  • Date of Birth:10th November
  • Church Owned:The Word of Life Bible Church
  • Year founded:15th November 1987
  • Net Worth:$3m

He is seen to have a net worth of over $3m which has earned him the eighth

richest pastor in Nigeria. He is the founder of the Word of Life Bible Church

located at Warri. He was born into a Christian family. He has ministered in

crusades with over 2000000 attendees. He has a Program- Hour of

Deliverances which he uses to preach his message. He owns a Bombardier

Challenger 601 private jet, a fleet of luxurious cars including Limousin.


  1. Bishop Mike Okonkwo


  • Date of Birth: September 6th 1945
  • Church Owned:
  • Year founded:1952 by Rev.Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi
  • Net Worth:$3m

Bishop Mike Okonkwo is the ninth richest pastor with an estimated

net worth of $3m. He is the founder of the Redeemed Evangelic

Mission(T.R.E.M). He was born in1945. His main source of income comes

from millions of tithe his church gets monthly. He once openly confessed

that he used threat or curses to force his members to pay tithe. He is seen

to have private jets, an estate and a house of worship in Abuja with an

estate revenue of over 2.5 billion nairas yearly. He is also the founder of the

Empowerment For the less privilege(E.L.P) foundation which is a

non-governmental organisation that is aimed at alleviating the plight the

less-privileged in the society through donations to different hospitals,

training centres and even running free preparatory schools.


  1. Lazarus Muoka


  • Date of Birth:?
  • Church Owned: Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement aka Chosen
  • Year founded:2002
  • Net Worth:$3m

Last, in our list is Lazarus Muoka seen as the tenth richest pastor in Nigeria

with an estimated net worth of over $3m. He is also seen as an author and

he leads the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement which is

popularly known as chosen. His ministry is characterized with many

miracles, healings and deliverances. He was born in Imo state and his

family members were catholic. His church is one of the most popular

church in Nigeria which has earned him lots of money. He seems to be a

man that doesn’t like flaunting wealth and lifestyle. His possessions are

barely known because he hardly talks about and shows them. He has made

most of his wealth form his large congregation. He is seen to have the ability

to perform various miracles which attracted a vast amount of people to his



In summary, this article has been able to decertify the net worth of the top

ten richest pastors in Nigeria and their assets. This is to show that amongst

businessman, politicians and even footballers pastors are also seen as rich

people because of their wealth and money gotten from a different source.












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