Top 5 Best Hookup App in Nigeria

Are you looking for a hookup mate in Nigeria? There are so many methods that you can use to find love or someone to have fun with for a night or two. If meeting and interacting with people is not working for you, or you are shy to approach a girl you like, well, how about you try out dating apps?

Dating apps for hookups are rapidly growing since a quite number of people prefer this method of dating. Besides, it is easier and cheaper to talk to a girl or a man using a hookup app. The other benefit of using hookup apps is that there are chances of interacting with many people.

Here are our

Top five best hookup apps in Nigeria

1. Tinder

tinder hookup nigeria

Tinder stands out as one of the best dating and hookup apps in the entire world. A lot of people have even found long term partners in this dating site. One thing that sets this dating up at a high rank is easy to use design. This dating app is user-friendly since if you like someone, you need to swipe right on their profile, and if they swipe right on yours, then you have an opportunity to start a conversation. So, finding someone for a hookup from this dating site is super easy and convenient as well. One drawback worth nothing about tinder is that you have an opportunity of meeting scams quite easily.

2. Inmessage (In-love)

inmessage hookup app in nigeria

Another excellent and popular hookup app in Nigeria worth trying out is the Inmessage. Just as the name states, this dating app allows you to message and date nearby people.

This app is compatible with these social media logins, and it is relatively easy to use. Ones you download the app using Aptiode, You can sign up for an account, Note that you don’t necessarily need to sign up to the app separately, as you can do so using your preferred social media (Facebook or Instagram).

Some of the features we love about this dating app are that;

  • You can see people who view your pictures and if you like them, start a conversation.
  • It is easy to search and find your preferred hookups.

3. Baddo

baddo apk

This is one of the best online dating sites in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Badoo has over 480 million users worldwide, which means that it is a well-recognized dating app. This dating app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, making it possible for all people to have a chance of interacting. There are multiple dating opportunities on this app for people looking for a hookup, someone to flirt with, or even someone to establish a long term relationship.


4. Dating for serious relationships (ever match)

Best hookup app in Nigeria


From our list of the top hook up apps in Nigeria, ever match stands out as one of the most detailed dating app. The app is divided into categories, making it easy and possible for users to find the kind of mates they are looking for. You can choose serious dating, casual dating, and severe relationships, among others. The websites sieves for you so you can have an easy time finding your perfect match.

5. Olosho

This dating app is just like social media where you search for people you like then start a conversation with them. This app is quite broad as you can find people for a hookup or a serious relationship. The dating app is fast and most affordable as well. Some of the activities you can do on this app include; sending pictures and voice notes. In other words, it works like a Facebook messager. You can also track the people who viewed your profile and view their profiles as well.


I believe there is someone for everyone out there, so if you are looking for someone to have fun within Nigeria or from Nigeria, these are the top five best datings and hook up apps to check out. They are compatible with android and iOS devices, making it easy to chat and communicate from anywhere with your friends and interests. So try them out!

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